How to Administer an Enema


There are several things to consider before giving yourself an enema, or before you administer one to someone else.  A little understanding of colon anatomy will make the procedure safer and easier.  A normal enema consists of one to two liters of water.  There are those that suggest that you should never use tap water because of the minerals and chemicals that might be present.  Most people drink tap water so using tap water for an enema is probably safe, depending on your location.  Distilled water would be a viable alternative.

Positioning for an enema is important for comfort and ease of taking the enema.  The most common position is the sims position where the individual lies on their left side with their right leg bent up toward their chest.  This allows the flow of the enema to go up the descending colon easier.  After about a third of the enema has been taken, turning on to the stomach will help the water across the transverse colon.  For the final third of the enema, the person should move onto their right side which will allow the water to flow into the ascending colon. 

The other position which is favorable is the knee chest position.  This allows gravity to help the flow of water toward the transverse colon and keeps pressure out of the rectum.  Be aware that it might put more pressure on the stomach and might cause nausea. 

Other positions include the diaper position, whereby the person lies on their back and brings their knees up toward their chest, and the over the knee position.

After lubricating the anus and nozzle, inserting the nozzle requires a certain amount of care and understanding of anatomy.  Initially the nozzle should be inserting with the tip pointing to the umbilicus or navel.  Once past the anal sphincter, the nozzle should be aimed more posterior.  Never force the nozzle.

Once the nozzle is inserted, the water may be started by releasing the clamp on the hose.  Periodically stopping the flow will allow the pressure in the colon to equalize which will reduce cramping.  After the enema has been administered, the nozzle can be removed.

Administering an enema to someone else makes the process somewhat easier for the person receiving the enema, but it compromises their privacy.  Therefore, it's important to do all you can to protect their privacy.  This short video will discuss the procedure for administering an enema in the sims position.

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Administering an enema to yourself isn't the easiest thing to do, but it does afford more privacy.  After preparing the enema bag, hang it about 24 inches above the level of your bottom.  Arrange the hose so that you have access to the clamp once you are in position.  You can lie on your bed, preferably on your left side or up on your knees and down on your elbows.  If you are in the bathroom, bending over the edge of the tub can work but try to minimize putting pressure on your abdomen.

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